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Welcome to Ti Horticultural Supplies

Ti Horticultural Supplies is the farming and production unit of the Ti group. The integration of our farm production capability and our marketing infrastructure enables us to provide customised products including specialised orders, custom packaging and branding to meet our customers unique requirements.

Our facilities are Quarantine Registered. This results in faster Quarantine Approval Procedures (QAPs), allowing us to offer our clients the shortest turnaround for our products. Combined with our integrated logistics, our strawberries are typically packaged and delivered anywhere around the world within 36 hours of harvest. We are also SQF200 and HARPS certified for quality and food safety.


250 Acre Production Area

Our 150 acre strawberry farm on Old West Road, Bullsbrook is the centre stage of our operations. This, combined with 100 acres of neighbouring land provides ample capacity for production.

Planting Capacity

We possess planting capacity of nearly 7 million plants. This provides sufficient and reliable produce for our local and overseas commitments.

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5- Acre Packhouse

State-of-the-Art storage, temperature controlled, pressure cooling and cold storage central facility for optimal strawberry packing.

One of the major goals of Ti Horticultural Supplies is to establish a link between the local strawberry growers, fertiliser wholesalers, manufacturers, strawberry breeders and food safety trainers. We initiate and support active engagement between all parties to look at new strawberry growing methods. The objective is to explore more efficient and environmentally responsible methods of growing strawberries. Therefore, we continue to test new and upcoming varieties of the American and Australian strawberry.

We continually strive to minimise chemical usage in strawberry production to ensure the best and safest product. The reward of these efforts is that our clients enjoy clean and green products that are fairly chemical free.

About Us

Ti Horticultural Supplies provides us the ability to grow and package our fruit exactly to the supermarkets’ specifications. The combined vertical integration of production, sales and logistics gives us the flexibility needed to meet our customers demands on-time, on-spec and at competitive cost.

Current Plans

Future developments for our site in Bullsbrook begin with a proposed Café/Restaurant as a place to host the public during their visits to our farm throughout the ‘Pick Your Own Season’.  This facility is currently pending approval by the City of Swan.

Future Plans

In an effort to become self-sufficient and manage the produce of our farm, our new facilities consist of 6 additional pressure-cooling and cold storage rooms and 4 new fumigation chambers that will be operational from late 2017. For the future development, and to manage the increasing size and fruit production of our farm we have commissioned a robotic packing machine to enable an increase in production speeds, output and efficiency.

Our History


Ti Horticultural Supplies was founded with the intent of establishing a link between local Vietnamese (non-english speaking) strawberry growers and the chemical/fertiliser wholesalers, manufacturers, strawberry breeders and food safety trainers, in an effort to improve the quality of strawberries grown in the Wanneroo area.


We decided to utilise the knowledge and information obtained through our company’s activities with growers, chemical/fertiliser suppliers and agronomists and began planning for the creation of our first strawberry farm. This enabled greater control and thereby, greater reliability of production.


In March, a 5-acre site on Hawkins Road, Wanneroo was acquired to build a temperature controlled strawberry packing, pressure-cooling and cold-storage facility.


We purchased 150 acres of land on Old West Road, Bullsbrook to develop our production capabilities and create our own strawberry farm.


We commissioned a fumigation chamber for our fruit exports to protocol quarantine markets and to bolster the infrastructural support to our supply chain.


We leased a further 100 acres of the neighbouring lot, bringing the total irrigable land managed by Ti Horticultural Supplies to over 250 acres.


By mid-2017 the farm became our main site and the completion of our new office and packing facilities had been finalised. Year on year our planting capacity has increased to the current total of 3.3 million plants.