The Ti Group understands the need to invest in people to ensure the continuing success of our industry. The establishment of our registered training organisation, Ti Education and Training, is intended to expand on our existing efforts of training and upskilling workers in our industry.

Our aim is to provide local and international students a cost effective means to study horticulture, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills based on the ‘real-life’ environment of the Ti Horticultural Supplies farm. We hope that this will contribute to securing a new generation of experienced and passionate horticulture graduates to work in the Australian horticulture industry. And for those who study from developing countries abroad, we hope that the skills learnt will be a valuable contribution to the development of their own horticulture industries and their own local economic development.

The Ti Group also plans to expand our community engagement through our ‘Pick Your Own Strawberries’, our farm tours for schools and our intention to continue the tradition of farm tourism in the region.