Welcome to Ti Produce Marketing

Ti Produce Marketing is one of Australia’s leading fresh fruit export companies. As a leading Australian strawberry exporter, we specialise in sourcing and handling the highest quality fresh fruit for export to the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, as well as distributing across Australia.

World-class packhouse built on a 5-acre site

Grower base of more than 20 local growers

Planting capacity of nearly 7 million plants

We are one of the top providers of the highest quality Western Australian winter strawberries in the world.

Our operation serves a diverse clientele. From local cities to partners in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

All our fruit is packed for transit in pressure cooled and temperature control equipped central packhouse.

About Us

Ti Produce Marketing was founded in 2003 by Lam Ti Muir and Jamie Michael after they recognised a need for a specialised strawberry export company based in Western Australia. With a strong pedigree in the fresh produce industry, Lam Ti and Jamie had already extensive knowledge of the strawberries industry obtained while working with some of Australia’s leading exporters and wholesalers of fresh produce.


Domestically, we supply strawberries mainly throughout the states of Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

Internationally, our berries are shipped extensively throughout the Asian region, the Middle East and New Zealand.


Ti Produce largely handles Western Australian winter strawberries. We source fruit from our grower base of approximately 20 growers in the Wanneroo/Carabooda area with a combined planting of approximately 7 million plants.

Quality Assurance

Ti Produce runs a strict approved supplier program and is proud to be SQF and HARP’s certified.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers benefit from our business model due to our ability to resist price increases that arise from the sharp rise in demand created during promotional periods.

We understand the dynamics of supply and demand and as a responsible supplier and grower of our own fruit, we understand that pricing should not be determined by the market fluctuations created by these promotions. Pursuing this philosophy, we have been able to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with leading supermarkets both in Australia, and internationally.

Through our unique retail marketing strategies, our dedication to continuous improvement and our commitment to strict food safety, we have become a preferred direct supplier of strawberries for leading supermarket chains in Australia and in many overseas markets. We have successfully taken on the responsibility to supply and reliably produce a significant volume our supermarket partners requirements and to continuously work together to achieve ongoing category growth.

Our Products

Ti Produce has established a network of over 20 growers in and around the Wanneroo region. The fresh produce grown by these growers follows a seasonal pattern. We also rely heavily on the production from our own farms.

We arrange our buying to meet the specific individual needs of every customer. Our partnership with our sister company, Ti Horticultural Supplies, provides us significant leeway to cater to our customers’ every strawberry related preference.

Depending on the colour, size or taste the customer is looking for we can ask for certain fruits to be picked that best meet the specified needs. We can even take into account how far the produce is meant to travel and pick fruits most suitable for the journey.